Shoggoth are the ancient servitors of the Old Ones, massive black shape-shifting things that were engineered to do the bidding of those Elder Gods from aeons ago.  Shoggoth have not always been accepting of their yoke, and titanic wars have been fought to keep these slithering mountains of dark protoplasm in thrall.

Although most of the events of Cosa Nosferatu take place in the streets and alleys of Chicago in 1930,  the climax of the story finds Al Capone and Eliot Ness trying to cope with evil from beyond the mountains of madness and the deep eternities between worlds.

In the haunted confines of Bachelor's Grove, Ness and Capone find a malevolence beyond anything imagined by gangster or lawman, an evil that threatens the ambitions of both men and entangles them with the dead that do not lie easy in their graves.

Cosa Nosferatu